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How to pay LIC Premium using Google Pay

        Step by step guide to pay LIC premium using Google Pay LIC is now available at many platform where you can pay your premium easily and sample way. Let's see which platform is available.... LIC App, LIC website, Google Pay, Phone Pay Paytm, etc and services available in BHIM UPI, Debit Card, Credit Cards, E wallet, Internet Banking. Let see step by step process to pay LIC payment using Google Pay. Install Google Pay on your Mobile and follow the Steps..... Step-1 Open your google pay app and select New payment. Step-2 Than select People & bill and again select Insurance option. Step-3 Scroll down and select Life Insurance Corporation of India. Step-4 Click on the get started button Step-5 Enter your details which is required, after filling the details check carefully your details before going to proceed. Step-6 Complete your last step to finish the payment using linked acount. thank you  Stay connected and ask you que

How to Pay LIC Premium Online- Through LIC App and Website

              Step by step guide to pay LIC premium online Due to Covid-19 people are facing many challenge, this is the time to know about digital work. So in this article we are helping to you with step by step practical guide so that you  can  pay your Life Insurance(LIC) premium   easily from your home and stay safe. Let's Start.... How to Pay LIC Premium Online with LIC App and Website? Step-1 Open google play( ) in your mobile and type LIC PayDirect and click Install Button.  After successful installed follow the step.... Open your LIC PayDirect app that will looks like as Click on proceed button. You will see pay direct window. Step-2 Click on Please Select button and choose the option Renewal Premium/ Revival you can seen in next image. Step-3 Follow the 1, 2,3 simple steps to complete the premium payment. Click on Proceed Button. Step-4 Enter you 9