Insurance- Inportance of insurence

Better life insurance for investment

There are many investment options around us, but only a few options get our attention. Life insurance is one of these options

Let us know how this can be a great option.
I sincerely hope that after this information your intention will change and you will take advantage of it.

There are many options like stock market, mutual fund, FD which are considered good for investment.

• We all hope to get better returns by investing. But getting returns is not enough. Our investment should be such that can help us and our family to fight against any emergent smiling situations in future and stay safe. • Life is an option in which there are many benefits on an investment that we do not get anywhere else.

Benefit of investment in insurance-

• Often people tend to invest in other investments such as mutual funds, FDs, property, etc., and if they invest, they withdraw before a certain time (period). But there is a continuous investment in life insurance.

• A fixed amount is deposited up to a fixed limit period.

• At the end of the term, the insurance company gives the customers the full amount along with the bonus amount. In such a situation, the investors invest without withdrawing the money so that they can get the benefit in future.

Security along with savings on investment in insurance

• Investing in life insurance means both savings and protection which is not available in any other investment.

• In case of any untoward occurring during the insurance period with the insurance holder, the sum assured and time is received in the form of bonus and rider sum insured.

• This amount provides financial security to Parovar in the absence of the insured.

Loan facilities too-

• Life insurance policy also provides loan facility to the customer after 3 years of the commencement of the policy, if required. This loan is available at a much lower rate of interest than the bank or other lending institutions and at a lower interest rate.

• In which loan installment decreases with time.

• This loan facility proves to be of great use on emergent needs.

Future security

• Children's education, marriage etc. are big responsibilities which require money but after army my army, these are a little difficult to fulfill.

• If you invest in life insurance between the age of 25 to 45, then the expenses of higher education and marriage expenses can be easily arranged in future.

Even after retiring, it helps to maintain the family by ensuring their income.

Where to get insurance-

• Life Insurance Corporation of India is the most reliable brand from where you can get insurance as per your need with the help of your financial advisor.

• While choosing insurance, it is important to keep in mind some of the main things like total expenses incurred in the month, income of the month, money required in future, need of proper money to face difficult situations in the long run.

When to invest-

• We usually go for many years after starting work and think about investing and insurance, but when it starts investing then it is too late, it is better to buy a life insurance policy in the early days of job or employment. Be taken

• The policy installment is significantly reduced when the policy is taken at an early age, and the percentage of bonus received on the policy increases.

• Bonus is given based on the installment you have made, the more time you are given for adding the bonus, the better the bonus will be received.


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