Cancer Cover- Why we need Financial Cover for Cancer, in addition to Mediclaim

Income Protection against Cancer Treatment

On hearing the name Cancer, you start feeling scared - the main reason is physical pain and loss of family members and money, but there is no reason for this because it can happen to anyone, whether a person is rich or poor.

If someone is suffering from cancer, he has to get treatment regardless of his economic background. Nowadays cancer has become very expensive and a long term treatable disease. If a person suffering from cancer than not only himself but also his entire family got disturbed.

So everyone should be covered with sufficient income protection against cancer.

"On the death of a person in the family, he cannot be brought back but his income can be continued to support the family."

To maintain your income, you need to make an economic plan that will be with you in these

difficult times and to meet the needs of your family after you leave. Today we will talk on the same issue how you can become financially strong to fight a dangerous disease like cancer.

3M Rule:

To win from cancer only 3M is needed -

  1. First Strong Mind
  2. Second Good Medicine
  3. Third Money
With the help of 3M can be overcome cancer.For this we need to make a proper plan with the help of our financial advisor.

Only a good advisor can help you choose the right plan.
If you have not made any plans for yourself and your family, talk to your financial advisor today.
Why do we need financial cover for cancer, in addition to mediclaim?

India's cancer cases are far lower than those in the West, yet the death rate is higher. Poor awareness, Social Stigma Reasons for delayed detection.

Disease not a death warrant is most treatable- Cancer is not a death warrant , it is a treatable disease, mostly people still dread getting it because treatment costs a bomb in private facilities and the ones run by the government are woefully short of manpower and infrastructure. 
Treatment of Cancer
Depending upon the type and stage of cancer treatment may take anywhere from few days to few months or even years. Some of the treatment options are:
  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy 
  • Chemotherapy
  •  Immunotherapy 
  • Targeted therapy
  •  Bone marrow/ stem cell transplant
Cost of cancer treatment
  • Cancer treatment can take anywhere from a few days to few months or even years.
  • One has to find out how long treatment will continue.
  • What specific drugs will be required.
  • Average cost ranges from 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs.
  • Transportation and travel cost to get the treatment.
  • One may need to pay for lodging as well.
  •  Family and living expenses.
  • Nursing facility required at home.
  • Cost of diet.
  •  Loss of wages or income.
  • Repayment of loan if any.


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